Assault Defense / Offenses Attorney:

As your Assault Defense Attorney, knowing latest state and federal laws regarding assaults is essential in handling each unique case. Determination of whether an aggravated assault is viable sentencing case and for which degree felony and fines or punishable terms that will be involved is important. Our Attorney will guide you and look deeply on the case including if serious bodily injury was caused, if the victim was a public official as such, a police officer, or if it as a domestic assault.

When there is physical attack involved in an assault that causes bodily harm or injury to another individual then the assault would be classified as aggravated assault or battery or both. This is usually by harm infected purposely and with disregard to the other individual's life. Simple assault can be classified as a misdemeanor, however, when the victim is a police officer, a paramedic, a firefighter or a community official it could lead to harsher sentencing.

Sometimes when it comes to accusation in an assault, there could be allegations involved where victims are falsely accused of the act of assault. The embellishment and overstating of facts involving the accusation by witnesses and accusers can be fought and verified by the help of our attorney. Battery charge may require proof that the victim accused actually caused injury. An assault on the other hand requires proof that the accused acted in a manner that was likely to result in an injury to one individual or more people.