Child Abuse Defense / Offenses Attorney:

There are many accusations in life that are damaging in reputation, certainly child abuse is damaging to ones’ reputation and especially when community, career, and family is involved. Child abuse could be emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or include child pornography. Our Attorney will tackle these accusations head on and help clear your reputation.
We will fight to clear your name and support mending the situations caused by such accusations.

Physical Abuse - Under Pennsylvania law, shaking, kicking, hitting, punching, burning, or any act that endangers a child is considered physical abuse of a child. Bone fractures, sprains, bruises reported by parents, the school, doctors, family or members of the community is considered physical abuse of a child. Failure to report an abuse, especially when a child has mentioned could also results in legal ramifications.
Emotional Abuse - Under Pennsylvania law, name calling, language or vulgar words towards a child, or making fun of a child is considered Emotional abuse. These acts humiliate, bring fear upon the child, intimidating the child and often times have lasting effects on the child. The law protects children as children cannot protect themselves.
Sexual Abuse - Under Pennsylvania law, child pornography, exhibitionism towards a child, viewing of sexual acts, video games or pictures pertaining to sex towards a child, sexual touching and or without penetration, rape, exploitation, sodomy, and all other sexual crimes are considered heinous sexual abuse of a child.
Accusations of any child abuse may lack merit if it is false and therefore having an Attorney with legal knowledge of child abuse is important. We are here to represent our clients and fight to restore their reputation.