Drugs Crime Defense Attorney

Drug Possession and or Trafficking can be related to many drugs including prescription drugs, Marijuana/cannabis for non-medical use, Selling in a school zone, Methamphetamines, Cocaine/crack, Heroin/narcotics, Drug paraphernalia, Synthetic Cannabinoids or Salvia Divinorum possession, and other unlawful use or distribution of any controlled substance. We have the necessary background and knowledge in dealing with drug crime cases.
Our experience in cases would support researched and legal state and federal laws of what needs to be done and the circumstances surrounding the arrest including key points as whether you were involved or not, arrest warrant and all studies of the police report. You can count on us to work for you and trust on our expertise.

In Pennsylvania law, an arrest and conviction for drug possession, possession with intent to deliver or sell, or actual sale of a drug or a controlled substance requires proof without any doubt that 1). Did you know the drug was an illegal drug or substance? 2). Did you have actual control of the drug or substance? Having an attorney from the getgo of the arrest is crucial in fighting the charge, each drug or substance abuse charge carries its own sentencing which often times has a minimum time to be served by the accused.

Many people accused of drug crimes also fall under situations where they used a substance for a medical purpose and eventually got addicted upon and long after completion of the subscription period. While the situation could be sympathetic, acquiring subscription medication illegally is still considered and could lead to a drug charges. Our Attorney will consult with you to better fight for your situation and work to eliminate the charge. Additionally, you could able to seek help with the addiction. Juveniles can be charged with drug crimes and possession or possession with intent to distribute. A police officer can arrest a Juvenile upon noticing a drug or controlled substance in the car. The juvenile can face probation, drug counseling (which would involve parental involvement), Diversion (or Pre-trial Diversion) or in rare cases, a detention and serve jail time.

In all cases of Drug Crimes, burden of proof is key and our Attorney can work to fight the allegations and eliminate or minimize fines or jail time. Each case is very much different from the other, consulting with our Attorney as quickly as possible is important in reviewing the evidence and or reports to do with your charge.