DUI Defense & DUI Defense Attorney:

Attorney Gregory Spang specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI, Motor Vehicle Violations, License Suspensions, Criminal Record Expungement and Juvenile Matters.

The laws when it comes to DUI are very strict in Pennsylvania. The alcohol limit is .08% and while circumstances of each defense may be different, the outcome often when convicted is very harsh. The right knowledge and the right representation is important to validating your case and that is why a strong consideration of an attorney specializing in DUI is critical. The right attorney would work to either lessen or eliminate entirely the sentence you may face regardless of whether it is your first offense or a repeat offense.

There are many determining factors and considerations our firm looks at while representing you. This includes how your alcohol level was tested and the tools used for testing, how the arrest was determined, and how your case was determined.

Driving Under the Influence, Types of Drunk Driving Laws, and BAC:

Driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), is a crime determined by testing of a motor vehicle operator who is driving while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, whether the drug is prescribed by physicians or not. You are arrested and charged if driving to a level that renders you, the driver, incapable of operating your motor vehicle safely and or can cause harm to yourself, other people, or damage property.

When you are tested, there are different levels of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) determination. Usually, body weight and amount of alcohol your body can handle influences what is dimmed as over the legal limit.
BAC of 0.02 to 0.05 percent is about one to two drinks and can be considered 7 times most likely to cause a fatal crash than a sober driver.
0.08% is about 3-4 drinks and is considered to be 40 times able to cause a fatal crash than can be caused by a sober driver. It is also a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher whether driving was impaired or alcohol affected.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Vehicular manslaughter can be a misdemeanor which is a minor crime but with a maximum punishment with serving time in jail or paying fees. It can also be a felony requiring serving longer time in prison. Each situation may be evaluated either as Gross negligence as such driving over the speed limit as misdemeanor or evaluated as drunk driving resulting in a fatality and treated as a felony. You can also be responsible for death of loved ones in your own vehicle in some situation as vehicular manslaughter.
According to Pennsylvania Law, any person who recklessly or with gross negligence causes the death of another person while engaged in the violation of any law of Commonwealth or municipal ordinance (like drunk driving or driving while under the influence) to do with the operation or use of a vehicle or to the regulation of traffic except section 3802 (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance) is guilty of homicide. Homicide while under influence of drugs and or alcohol carries a larger weight in sentencing.
Advice and guidance in each situation requires legally experienced Attorney familiar with Pennsylvania law and its applications. Questions of intent and impairment have to be considered before sentencing and therefore a strong representation is necessarily for a considerable evaluation.

DUI Defenses

No Actual Physical Control (APC) of Vehicle.

Actual Physical control of the vehicle is actual driving of the vehicle or having control of the vehicle while the engine is running or within “reasonable suspicion” of the act of control. Not having Actual Physical Control could range from being a passenger on the vehicle while intoxicated and falling to pass the test administered by the Police, to being on the vehicle alone while intoxicated and without driving, or having no physical control whatsoever of the vehicle. It is advised to talk to an Attorney immediately regarding your situation.

No Corpus Delicti

The identity of the person accused of committing a crime does not mean that the person is actually responsible for the crime until evidence is provided to prove their lack of innocence.

DUI Penalty, MVD Process, Protecting Your Rights and Interests in All Aspects of Your DUI Case:

DUI Penalties changes from time to time, usually the state establishes stricter guidelines and laws for safety. Our Attorney is well informed and updated and can provided you with accurate information to date along with recent sentencing case scenarios.

Mother Vehicle Department Processes can involve hearing and procedures that include suspensions, fines, and time for establishment of driving license among many other factors. Understanding any recent changes and all procedures of the law and regulation is key, our Attorney will work with you to process MVD requests and keep your interest at heart.

Protecting your rights and interest in all aspects of your DUI Case is our objective. Our Attorney takes each case as an individual and your privacy is most important. Realizing the need for less interruption of your daily life, we work hard to expedite any paperwork or procedures for a better outcome.

Underage Drinking - DUI in PA.

Underage drinking while driving in Pennsylvania is a serious offense to the extent that it falls within BAC guidelines. You could land a probation, fine, or even juvenile jail time in worse situations. While working with you on the case for a better outcome, our Attorney also keeps in mind the track records that often times follow an individual and fight for you all the way.