Homicide Defense / Offenses Attorney

In Homicide, there is First Degrees (Being the most serious), manslaughter, legal homicide, and wrongful death claims. One can ask if it is legal to kill in self-defense; Killing of any sort is a tragedy. Our homicide defense would review your circumstance, cause of homicide, proof and intent. We would have it as our priority to defend and avoid cause of further damage in the already tragic situation. Knowing the law and having compassion for the situation goes a long way while choosing an attorney. We are fully committed to our clients and know the laws involved with homicide defense. Vehicular Manslaughter and Aggravated Vehicular Homicide are homicide charges involving driving. Vehicular Manslaughter can be by accident, meaning it was not intended, while Aggravated Vehicular Homicide is by intention to cause harm. Other factors could be considered as whether there was drinking or drug abuse and the accused may be charged by more than one crime.

Self-defense in homicide must proof that the killing was by reasonable use of force as a result of life endangerment to someone who was causing death to the accused. The degree of force that the accused used in the self-defense situation must be directly be in aligned to the threat they perceived. Could they have used any other alternative and did the victim place them in a very reasonable situation of fear of death or serious great bodily harm? These are some of the questions our Attorney will work to poof in defense.

In all cases of homicide defense, it is important to act quickly in getting an Attorney. Our Attorney would work to defend you. We would look at all the evidence presented and determine arguable points in your defense whether it is mistaken Identity, accident or misfortune. Our Attorney is well versed with both state and federal laws of homicide defense and available to consult with you.