Property crimes / Defense Attorney:

Property crimes can include arson of agricultural or real estate property, trespassing a property orDefiant trespassing which is ignoring signs of trespassing, vandalism, tampering, or malicious destruction of property. As your attorney we would study the arrest warrant, review how the arrest was handled including your Miranda rights. We would also look at the cause of the crime leading to the arrest or citation and defend you with through the legal facts of the crime and our knowledge of the law.

Additional property crimes could include theft by extortion, retail theft, trade secret and or corporate theft, auto theft, theft of services or solutions, Injuring or tampering with fire apparatus, fire hydrants, and other property crimes. Property crimes could also be classified as a hate crime as such Institutional Vandalism. Institutional Vandalism involves causing harm to a property used by a different race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or belief. Such property could be a school or church.

Some of the factors of defense when it comes to property crimes include consideration of the intent of the harm or if the individual was intoxicated in addition to what premeditated the crime in the first place, was it a retaliation or is the situation an entrapment. Our Attorney would be available to consult with you from the very beginning and look at the evidence on your case.