Robbery Defense / Offenses Attorney

Burglary could be a felony. Burglary that is committed while armed with a deadly weapon faces stricter sentencing, and even worse, a discharge of a firearm during robbery could face more jail time. Robbery can include carjacking, mugging a store or public venue, breaking and entering to steal, shoplifting, stealing premises and others. Burglary can be committed by anyone from a professional white/blue collar crime to someone in your neighborhood. As your attorney we take a look at Burden of Proof, if this is your fist offence or you have been arrested for the same crime before. We study all circumstances surrounding your situation to better defend you.

In Pennsylvania Law there is Theft, Robbery, and Burglary crimes.

A theft is when a person is taking the property of another without the other individual’s consent. Robbery on the other hand is when a person causes harm while committing a theft by causing bodily injury or threatening another with intent to cause serious injury in the while when in the physically act of stealing property by force or without permission. Burglary occurs when a person enters a building or an occupied structure that is otherwise secured with the intent to commit a crime.

Our Attorney can defend any of the above allegations and fight to clear your name. In Theft, robbery, and burglary there are many defense scenarios which our Attorney would consider as such; lack of injury, intoxication, lack of cause of fear, duress, lack of theft, entrapment, and more. We would show argue proof of lack of injury inflicted, the lack of threating or intentionally causing fear to the victim, and or lack of immediate threat to commit the felony or crime, and most importantly the lack of proof in actual physical loss of property by our client.

Many become victims of accusations that are not true without proof. While the burden of proof falls on prosecution, our Attorney would argue strong evidence eliminating you from the scene or otherwise proving you innocent as this is key to reaching acquittal.