DUI Defense

The laws when it comes to DUI are very strict in Pennsylvania. The alcohol limit is .08% and while circumstances of each defense may be different, the outcome often when convicted is very harsh.

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Assault Defense Attorney

As your Assault Defense Attorney, knowing latest state and federal laws regarding assaults is essential in handling each unique case.

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Child Abuse Defense Attorney

There are many accusations in life that are damaging in reputation, certainly child abuse is damaging to ones’ reputation and especially when community, career, and family is involved.

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Disorderly Conduct Defense

Disorderly Conduct covers an array of behaviors including "noise" "fighting" “proven shop lifting” or public nudity, public urination, use of abusive or obscene language.


Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Drug Possession and or Trafficking can be related to many drugs including prescription drugs, Marijuana/cannabis for non-medical use, Selling in a school zone.

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Homicide Defense Attorney

In Homicide, there is First Degrees (Being the most serious), manslaughter, legal homicide, and wrongful death claims. One can ask if it is legal to kill in self-defense;

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Robbery Defense

Burglary could be a felony. Burglary that is committed while armed with a deadly weapon faces stricter sentencing, and even worse, a discharge of a firearm during.


Sex Crime Attorney

Harassment, indecent exposure, Statutory Rape, sexual Assault, failure to register as a sex offender, prostitution, date rape, voyeurism, exploitation of a minor, luring,

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Property Crimes Defense

Property crimes can include arson of agricultural or real property, trespassing a property or Defiant trespassing which is ignoring signs of trespassing, vandalism, tampering, or

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