Sex Crime Defense / Offenses Attorney

Harassment, indecent exposure, Statutory Rape, sexual Assault, failure to register as a sex offender, prostitution, date rape, voyeurism, exploitation of a minor, luring, child molestation, child abuse and child porno are some of sex crimes our attorney can defend. sex crime records can affect career, personal reputation, and self-view. We work to first defend you and also to restore your self-society view and public records. If a warrant has been issued, we can be there for you when you turn yourself in and have our attorney’s presence at the start to defend you.

Failure to Register: The National Sex Offender Registry keeps all records of convicted sex offender in Pennsylvania, also known as the Megan's Law, one is required to register and update records when they move or get a new job. Failure to keep the law could results in repercussions.

In Pennsylvania, laws and cases vary for each sex crimes of prostitution, rape, sexual assault, harassment, statutory rape, and other sex crimes as such failure to register as a sex offender. Harassment (sexual) is an unwanted or offensive sexual comments or advances towards any individual. Sexual assault (and or could be as Rape) is any unwanted sexual contact committed without the victim's permission. Prostitution is offering sexual acts for money and is illegal in Pennsylvania. Statutory rape is having sexual intercourse with a minor who is under the age of 18.

In all alleged sex crime cases, we would work with you to review and question any situation that could results in lack of proper evidence in your case. False accusations have serious ramification as sexual crimes are very serious. Sexual crimes affect not only the individual’s sentencing of the crime committed but also affect the personal and community standings of the individual as these crimes could stay on your records. We therefore work hard to protect your reputation in the long term while fighting for you on your case immediately. It is important to contact our Attorney early for your case consultation.